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A mornitoring mobile

The woman covered their face and the upper half of the body using her clothes(called “쓰개치마” [sseogae skirt]) at the Joseon Dynasty. This culture is based on Confucian ideas. The woman must hide their body to the man when they go out. This fact shows that hiding their face means keeping their privacy. So what should we hide in the 21st century for keeping our privacy.

During life we use lots of electronic machines, especially TV, computer and mobile phone. They have a similar function that control the device. Because this devices has a key board that is number and direction. I focus one that. The number key buttons are easy to match the direction key. For example, 2 is up, 4 is left, 6 is right, and 8 is down. Without the hesitation, we can use there functions.
Especially, mobile phones are a necessity in the modern lif
e without distinction of age or sex. And the mobile phone also represents myself. Almost everyone has a mobile phone. If I use a mobile phone that will be more easy to communicate with others.
However, we have to be careful. Using the mobile phone is always recording, for example time of call, contents of call and where you are now. When a person calls somebody, even if you don’t want to show who you are, the number of your mobile phone is exposed. That situation also means that your privacy is exposed. For this kind of problem made a Caller ID Spoofing (calling line identification restriction : *23 + phone number) service. But this service is uncomfortable and a receiver gets an unpleasant feeling. That’s why people don’t use this service any more expect on special cases. Like this situation, I want to express that when you push the number buttons on your mobile to make a telephone call you not only connect with another person that other person now knows your number.

Method (Scenario)
In the dark of the night, there is a woman using a mobile phone. The more she uses this a mobile phone, the video is come bigger and bigger through the wall. The video is about the person who answers the phone. This performance shows the your privacy is exposed in the public place.

A mornitoring mobile from mvis3ong on Vimeo.
Presented Asiapraph 2008 in Shanghai

Credit by David Hall

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Communication box_nail

Humans have five senses sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch; a classification attributed to Aristotle.
When people have an experience, we can get a feeling through those 5 senses. It
may be happy, angry, upset ,sad and so on.
That kind of feeling is different from person to person even same situation. The feeling is so complex and delicate. Sometimes It is hard to explain just one word.

Idea sketch

I want to share that kind of personal feeling. Without a
word we can not understand each other.
For this project, I will tell my personal fact on what makes me feel better. Usually the makeup brings the psychological expectation effect. In my case, I am affected by nail color. I always change my nail color almost every week. It can control my clothes, makeup and feeling. I want to clarify the relation between nail color and emotion.
Especially I want to talk with the different sex. The male and female have different thinking processes. Because the male develops the sense of sight and
the female a more sensitive touch. So they use the opposite method for their communication. I use the sight factor for woman and touch factor for man.

The system is vibrating black box that controlled by nail color. When woman put their nails in the hole, the sensor recognizes the color and makes a different vibration to man’s body directly.
It is not necessary to talk. The color is so various. So I chose two negative colors. That is red and blue. In the symbolism, the blue color often uses for trust and calm. However, the red color uses for desire and passion.

Credit by David Hall

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Lignt Jocky from mvis3ong on Vimeo.
Location : OFF doci in hongdai
VJ : Darong
DJ : Jinmi & Naeun

Credit by David Hall

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Thesis Abstract

The beginning, a human follow the nature’s rules.
They adapt oneself to circumstances. Then, development of human intelligence use nature.

A human said, we are the only species to use letters. They feel that we are superior than animals. That is a reason why humans use nature. Of course, humans overcome many difficulties using technology such as disease and food. However, unconcerned for nature is not the answer.
On the other hand, a animal follows nature and nature existed before humans. They have a balance and make self controlling.

Now is time to use technology for communication among different characters. we can talk and feel each other while technology can help to translate their languages. Humans have letters and animals have a body languages. Especially, a computer is in the center of technology. It can connect both species.
Also, humans can easily connect with others using mobile phones and internet. I want to try to find a solution without limitation of time and place.

To hear the other animal’s voice to communicate with the animal, we have to speak their language.

About the ' PERMA '

프로젝트 그룹 PERMA

젊은 미디어 아티스트들은
애니메이션, 실사영상, 상호작용성을 매개로한 디지털 영상 등
다양한 언어로 소통하며 건축적 공간을 유동적이고 복합적인 영상환경으로
전이시키는 퍼포먼스를 하고있다.

실시간 인터랙티브 VJING을 통해 영상과 소리로
인간의 시각, 청각, 촉각에 새로운 경험을 전달하고자 하며,
보고 듣는다는 일반적인 개념에서 탈피하여
영상을 듣고 소리를 만지는 경험을 퍼포머와 관객간의 상호작용을 통해 구현하려한다.

Application_Human and Human communication

Whom are you interacting with?

I want to open up the possibilities of whom I am interacting with. No matter who you are, everybody uses a body language and it can effect each other.
The interface that I’ve designed is easy to apply. Both parties can be humans,too. A response triggered by a human effects another response and so forth. The cycle can go on and on which makes the circulation of communication.

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Natatorial line_1

1. line_position
Natatorial line_1 from mvis3ong on Vimeo.
2. line_rotation

line_rotation from mvis2ong on Vimeo.

Fluid animation_Korean Letter_1

A human has a letter. That makes people feel higher than animals. However, We have 2,500~3,500 different languages in the world. When I saw an other countries language, It seems to be an image. Until we can recognize that it is language, It means nothing.

This letter language makes a visual and translates a body language for animal. A human Who doesn't know about the korean, this animation is a just image.

인간은 글자를 이용하여 자신의 생각을 표현할 수 있다. 이점이 인간의 다른 동물보다 우월하도고 느끼는 점 중의 하나이다. 하지만,우리는 2,500~3,500개의 다른 언어체계를 가지고 있기 때문에 사전의 지식없이 다른 언어를 보게 된다면 그것도 하나의 이미지일뿐이다.

동물은 글자를 사용하지 않고 몸을 이용한다. 동물의 신체언어를 인간이 사용하는 글자로 표현할 때 한글을 모르는 이에게는 이것도 하나의 이미지일뿐이다.

korean [ cat=고양이 ] from mvis3ong on Vimeo.

English version

english_cat from mvis3ong on Vimeo.

Fluid animation_Red Cube

Fluid animation_Cube

The reason why I choose a fluid animation is that it represents nature. A cube looks very hard and artificial. But, make a smooth and liquid animation make feel like a nature object.

Fluid animation_Cube from mvis3ong on Vimeo.

various line

various line from mvis3ong on Vimeo.

/// 나중에 시간되면 폰트로도 한번 해보자!!!

The shape of sound

1. Circuit bending
Circuit bending is the creative, short-circuiting of electronic devices such as low voltage, battery-powered guitar effects, children's toys and small digital synthesizers to create new musical or visual instruments and sound generators. (wikipedia)

First Concept :
First sound project is a Toy. The original sound also very interesting. I connected with a variable resistance and Ableton live software. It can change the sound lively.

Knife toy_Circuit Bending from mvis2ong on Vimeo.

Second Concept :
I use a melody kit for making experimental sound. The reason why I choose the ipod is that is the most represent music play device. I want to show that can be a different point of view. This sound can feel unconfortable to some people. But this is also kind of music.

Circuit Bending_sound1 from mvis2ong on Vimeo.

2. The shape of sound

3. Sound movement_test
Process : Sounds make a vibration. I use a laser pointer and reflexible materials. The vibration make a light visualization.

This is a test shot.

The shape of sound_Test Shot 01 from mvis2ong on Vimeo.

The shape of sound_Test Shot 02 from mvis2ong on Vimeo.
I use a woofer speaker so it makes more directly and clearly.

Credit by David hall

PI_playful interaction

pPLAY is a project group working on Public, Physical & Playful interaction.
Their goal is to practice Physical computing and
Audio-Visual data visualization as
a tool for communicating between people & digital media.

Sparks appear. Now the people have introduced themselves and shared personal information. This is the “aha!” moment where they figure out that they are not total strangers to each other anymore.


The interactive ball, “PI (Playful Interaction),” makes the connection between people strengths and expand the meaning of the space by giving a playful interaction between human & digital media. PI can communicate with people with colorful lights and sounds that make the ball seems to be alive. While the lights of PI represents the visual transformation of people’s kinetic energy, the sound, musical tone of people form different sex, age and nationality, generated by the interaction symbolizes the harmony among people. It tells us that the digital media should be an intermediation, giving people shared experiences.

LiftAsia 2008 in Jeju from darong on Vimeo.
web site


Members: Eunyoung Kah, Darong Kim, Wonyoung So, Kisoon Eom, Jiyoun An, Jieun Yoo, Heedea Cho

Article :





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Grand Mint festival_2008.10.19

Dear Cloud from mvis3ong on Vimeo.
Location : 잠실 올림픽 공원 잔디광장
VJ members : 김다롱, 신상열
Singer : Dear cloud

Now we go, again_2008.08.30

Peppertones_Balance from mvis2ong on Vimeo.
Location : 백암 아트홀
VJ members : 김다롱, 김혜란, 백진욱, 소원영, 유새아름
Singer : Peppertones